14 - 16 May 2021
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About the Area

About the area

Enjoy in a green environment
In 2019, the municipality of Beesel -located in the south of the Netherlands- was for the first time host city For the Long Course Weekend Holland Beesel. A unique sporting event, exclusive in the Benelux. In Beesel, Germany and Belgium are never far away. Wedged between the Maas and the German border, Beesel forms a green buffer between the cities of Venlo and Roermond and the German Brüggen. There are many beautiful nature reserves, places where residents and tourists and certainly also the participants of the Long Course Weekend and its visitors can enjoy the peace of the beautiful flora and fauna. In 2014, Beesel won the title 'greenest cap in the Netherlands' and silver in the European Green competition in 2015. The Dragon in the banner makes Beesel just a little different.

Long Course Weekend Holland Beesel is a unique opportunity for swimmers, cyclists and runners from various countries to enjoy the green surroundings of Beesel. Where better than here in Limburg? The Dutches most cross-border province. it's only logical that Long Course Weekend Holland Beesel also does Germany. A large part of the bike trail is about German territory. 

Besides a beautiful area, there are lots of activities to do. You can, for example, stay at Landal De Lommerbergen during Long Course Weekend. With a big subtropical swim paradise, sports, games and activities for the kids it is the ideal place to get some rest and comfort after a long day.


Cycling and walking on the basis of focal points
The nodes system guarantees beautiful cycling and walking routes in the municipality of Beesel. Bike along Maas terraces far into Germany, meandering streams and special village faces. There are several thematic cycling routes that run through Beesel and its surroundings. The municipality's walking network consists of more than 95 kilometres of two-sided signposted hiking trails. Stroll by the Meerlebroek, a walk along the Maas, discover cultural history. It's all possible. 

Did you know that Germany is very close? The municipality is bordered by Germany. This green border crossing “Witte Stein” (no cars) is an ideal starting point for walking or cycling through one of the neighbouring nature reserves, including the “Brachter Wald” Via The green border crossing you will visit the German “Burggemeinde Brüggen”. This medieval city welcomes its guests in an inviting atmosphere.

The most beautiful bike and hiking routes have been listed in the VVV Midden-Limburg. You can find it on their website.

Eight other beautiful hiking and cycling routes are available in an app. Nature and cultural history are central to these routes. The app for iPhone And Android users is also usable offline. You can download the app in the app-/ playstore /In the AbelLife app.


Even more activity and relaxation

Beesel knows a variety of restaurants. When the weather is nice you can relax on one of the many terraces in Beesel or Reuver. Taste (depending on the season) a typical Limburg regional dish like asparagus. But of course a delicious piece of “Limburgse vlaai” should not be missed. At the indoor fish pond, you can fish for delicious trouts. For golf enthusiasts, there is an 18-hole short Golf course. Or maybe you prefer to go to the movies in the service cinema.

Beesel has a rich association in life. The community organises many activities and events every year.  The Long Course Weekend Holland Beesel also has all the opportunity to do so.


Beesel and the Dragon
Everywhere you encounter the dragon. The municipality's coat of arms has a dragon. The ceramic fabric is called Sint Joris. Drakenrijk offers visitors a complete beach experience of this recreation lake surrounded by a sandy beach and a cosy sunbathing lawn. In this lake, the swimmers of Long Course Weekend Holland Beesel will meet the swimming challenge. And there is a life-size dragon at the roundabout, which at special moments also really spits fire... The Dragon is central to the municipality of Beesel.

Beesel and the dragon are inextricably linked. For centuries they have been the best in powerful community in a seven-year open-air spectacle about the legend of Saint Joris and the Dragon. An ancient struggle between good and evil. Made and worn by about 800 Volunteers from Beesel for 40,000 visitors. The Draaksteken is a living tradition that is worn throughout the village and thus meets the requirements of UNESCO. This has placed the event on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural heritage in the Netherlands.

Visiting the church village of Beesel, you will notice why Beesel is called the Dragon Village. Street furniture and local ceramics with the Dragon theme are fully visible. In the centre, you can take a walk along some important sites from the history of the Dragon sign. For the children, there is a special dragon walk. Beesel breaths centuries-old traditions and the hospitality of the people.

The dragon of Beesels stands for fire, passion, good and above all solidarity.


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