15 - 17 May 2020
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Where to Eat

Where to Eat

Herberg de Bongerd

Markt 13, 5954 BH Beesel, Netherlands
+31 77 476 2170

Hotel (small), restaurant, located at the square of Beesel where the AID station goes, local people will make this a hotspot.

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Luxor Reuver

Rijksweg 18, 5953 AE Reuver, Netherlands
+31 77 474 1234

Place where we had lunch with the Elderman. Would be fun to say that they have a movie theater where you can eat while you watch a movie. The food in general is really good. 

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De witte Stein

Keulseweg 193, 5953 HJ Reuver, Netherlands
+31 77 476 2776

Big restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with playground, on the bike course, right at the border from holland to Germany. 

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't Raodhoes

Antoniusplein 2 5921 GV Venlo-Blerick
+31 77 382 10 04

A fancier restaurant. Located near Raadhuisplein (start-/finish location)

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Markt 7, 5954 BH Beesel, Netherlands
+31 77 474 4074

Restaurant and bar, also located at the Beesel square. 

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